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Two column Jekyll Theme

01 Sep 2018
Halve is a stylish, two-column jekyll theme.

This theme is Jekyll port of vangeltzo. I couldn’t stop myself to port this theme when I saw his site. And he kindly gave me permission to share this with you.

Installation and Quick Usage

That’s all.

If you want to make a Project Page, you have to use gh-pages branch. For Personal Page; master branch. More info here.

Site Setup

A quick checklist of the files you’ll want to edit to get up and running.

Site Wide Configuration

_config.yml is your friend. Open it up and personalize it. Most variables are self explanatory but here’s an explanation of each if needed:


The title of your site… shocker!

Example title: My Awesome Site


The description to use for meta tags and homepage.


Used to generate absolute urls in sitemap.xml, feed.xml, and for generating canonical URLs in <head>. When developing locally either comment this out or use something like http://localhost:4000 so all assets load properly. Don’t include a trailing /.


url: http://localhost:4000
url: //

Your site’s logo. It will be shown on homepage. Also used for twitter meta tags.


Here we will set images for left block. Example:

Is for homepage background image.
Is for posts list page background image.
Is for posts' default background image. It will be shown for every posts that don't specify any image from post's YAML front matter.

Projects Overlay

To set what image links appear in the overlay menu edit _data/projects.yaml. Use the following format to set the URL, title, image and project status for as many links as you’d like. If you set completed to false like completed: false, it won’t be clickable until you set it true like completed: true

Layouts and Content

Halve Theme use Jekyll Compress to compress html output. But it can cause errors if you use “linenos” (line numbers). I suggest don’t use line numbers for codes, because it won’t look good with this theme, also i didn’t give a proper style for them. If you insist to use line numbers, just remove layout: compress string from layouts. It will disable compressing.

Images for Posts

You can set left block image per post. Just add image: some link to your post’s front matter. If you don’t set this, default post image will be used from _config.yml.

image: /assets/img/some-image.png